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Bringing to the world the healing power of plants, expertly formulated by science…

The NuYugen Soulera Story and Product Benefits 

Soulera is a unique and proprietary blend of adaptogenic herbs that can deliver significant and broad-based health benefits. Soulera™ works quickly at the cellular level to protect, revitalize and balance the body according to your personal chemistry. 

Stress … The Silent Killer 

Psychological and physiological stress affects the body at the cellular level, at which it can interfere with normal function. Stress reduces the efficiency and vitality of not only the cell itself, but also of whatever organ that cell is in. Adaptogens uniquely assist our bodies to “adapt” and modulate the deleterious effects of stress

Soulera Works at the Cellular Level

Soulera improves the function of every cell in the body. Positive changes in each cell translates into healthier function of every body organ and system. Adaptogens help your body help itself. They support the body’s built-in self-regulating defense systems. Adaptogens are not stimulants. Rather, they release your innate cellular energy, vitality and strength to help you feel, perform and be your best.

What are Adaptogens? 

Adaptogens are a unique group of healing plants that have been used for thousands of years to help balance, restore and protect the body. They do not force the body into any particular direction, but instead, they assist the body’s own balancing and healing mechanisms. The definition of “adaptogen” contains three criteria. (1) An adaptogen is safe to use in all proportions. (2) An adaptogen helps restore homeostasis – the middle ground between exhaustion and over-stimulation. (3) An adaptogen works in “non-specific ways”, meaning it contains so many biologically active substances of use to so many body processes that each adaptogen assists several of the body’s organs and systems. This is unlike the modern pharmaceutical paradigm of “one disease – one target in the body – one cure-all treatment molecule”. 

Dr. Israel Brekhman – The Father of Adaptogens

Israel Brekhman was born in The Soviet Union in 1921 and grew up with a keen interest in sport, especially long-distance running. He entered the Naval Medical Academy at the beginning of World War II and graduated in 1945, specializing in pharmacology. During the war, Dr. Brekhman spent his days in class, and his nights at the front, defending the city of St. Petersburg against the German siege. 

Inspiration and Guidance

Upon graduation as a medical doctor in 1945, Dr. Brekhman was assigned to the Soviet far east where he worked as the assistant to his mentor, Dr. Nikolai Lazarev. It was Dr. Lazarev that had been sent to this region initially to search for answers to the problem of improving animal and human nutrition. By studying the work of the local healers, he discovered a large part of the answer resided in neutralizing the effects of stress. The healers said “look for your solutions in nature” 

Mission and Vision 

Brekhman’s early work with Lazarev set him on a lifelong mission and a life devoted to the discovery, investigation and application of natural substances that would have the most benefit for humankind. Brekhman was determined to combine the optimal blend of herbs having the greatest benefits into one elixir. He coined the term “adaptogen”, and spent the rest of his life honing his formula. 

Seventy Years of Testing and Validation

Since the start of Dr. Brekhman’s career, the team of scientists exploring his discoveries and principles grew to more than 1200 people conducting more than 3000 clinical trials. Research into adaptogens in the Soviet Union cost hundreds of millions of dollars. The beneficiaries of this work comprised the elite of Soviet society – cosmonauts, Olympic athletes, leading ballet dancers and musicians. 

One of several large-scale clinical trials was conducted over a one-year period with 10,000 employees at a tractor factory. Half were given the Brekhman adaptogenic formula and half were given a placebo. It was determined at the end of the study that the people given the adaptogenic blend had suffered from fewer colds and bouts of influenza, and had significant reductions in their rate of absenteeism from work.

Brekhman and his associates studied the effectiveness of adaptogenic plants on daily and seasonal changes in people under different environmental conditions. He devised four elaborate computer programs to classify the plants on the basis of their biological and toxic impact on their users. With this, he identified a nucleus of seven herbs with the most noteworthy benefits. Along the way, he invented a unique co-extraction process that enhances the synergy of the herbs and their bioavailability in those taking his blend.

Brekhman and his group held 21 international patents relating to his work in developing natural plant substances. In recognition of the value of his achievements, the Soviet Union made him a member of the Order of Lenin in 1985, the highest possible form of civilian recognition in the nation. Dr. Brekhman organized and led several international symposia and was honored as the “Founder of Valeology” (the science of staying well) at an international symposium on the subject in St. Petersburg. 

The Torch is Passed

In 1989, American Michael Dowling was asked by the founder of the Cambridge Diet Program to visit Dr. Brekhman to find out, among other things, “how Russian athletes did so well at the Olympics and other sporting endeavors without ever testing positive for performance-enhancing drugs”. Mike’s journey led him to a rich and lasting relationship with Dr. Brekhman, who became his mentor, teaching him the mysteries of adaptogenic science. Brekhman passed away in 1994, but not before receiving a vow from Dowling to get the miracle of adaptogens into the hands (and mouths) of as many people on he planet as he could. Adaptogens became Dowling’s life’s work. 

NuYugen’s Chief Science Officer and co-founder Mark Priemer, met Dowling at an industry trade show in the early 1990’s. Over lunch one day, Priemer became fascinated with the story Dowling told. Mark caught “adaptogen fever”, and after a while, made the same vow to Dowling that Dowling had made to Dr. Brekhman. “I will devote myself to advancing the adaptogen cause for the benefit of all humankind”.

Dowling and Priemer became business partners. Further millions of dollars were invested into research and North American clinical trials, including a placebo-controlled, doubleblinded cross-over study which clearly established that the blend of adaptogens modulates the body’s production of cortisol, our stress hormone. The health-sustaining value of the blend, which we now call Soulera™, had been proven irrefutably.

The Benefits of Soulera™
  • Modulation of the body’s output of cortisol
  • Support for healthy adrenal function
  • Enhanced resistance to the detrimental effects of oxidative free radical cell damage
  • Enhanced coping with the effects of stress
  • Enhanced cognitive function
  • Enhanced immune system activity
  • Better sleep
  • Improved mood and psychological coping capabilities
  • Improved sense of overall well-being
  • The full effect of Soulera™ is not reached until the product is taken for 30 days at the correct dosage.

Soulera is known for enhancing the bioavailability and bioefficiency of molecules with which it is co-consumed. 

The Path Ahead

NuYugen was established for the specific purpose of bringing the secrets and benefits of these powerful plant extracts to the peoples of the world.

For thousands of years’ people have benefited from the amazing health giving properties of adaptogens, now after decades of research we have combined the most powerful adaptogenic herbs into one “elixir”, called Soulera.

We at NuYugen are dedicated to allowing everyone who is earnestly seeking better health and a happier lifestyle to have access to this life changing adaptogen blend called Soulera.

The exciting opportunity that will help the financial health of thousands, and eventually millions, derives its power from this time tested adaptogenic blend.

Now you can discover the power of the Soulera™ Blend available exclusively from NuYugen.

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