The World’s Most Researched Herbal Stress Formula … And We Have The Science To Prove It!

70+ years of modern scientific research & validation

3,000+ Clinical Trials

Peer reviewed by over 1200 scientists

Millions of dollars in R&D

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Ancient Wisdom + Modern Science

Four generations of Scientists devoted their careers & over 70 years of research to evolve and refine the formulas of ancient healers, to discover and apply those natural plant-based ingredients that would have the greatest benefit to mankind.

They were determined to combine the herbs offering the greatest benefit into one “solution”, the result is the blend we call SOULERA®.

Stress! Innately we all know that stress is the root of disease.

“Stress poisons every inch of the body. It cripples the immune system, upsets delicate hormones, and disrupts digestion … Most dangerous of all, it boosts inflammation. Stress lies at the root of every inflammatory disease.”

NuYugen’s Soulera® transitions you from a stressful state into your body’s natural homeostasis and balance of perfect wellness by unlocking the healing power of natural plant remedies, expertly prepared, formulated and proven by over 70 years of scientific research.

Soulera® Benefits
Boost your vital energy
Sleep like a champion
Enhance your Mental Clarity & Focus
Improve your emotional outlook
Increase your stamina

Soulera® contains 100’s of biological molecules that impact every health system in the body.

This is the Soulera® difference.

Improvements in physical, mental and emotional well-being can usually be sensed very quickly.

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